Friday, 23 February 2018

Going Above and Beyond Celebration

Hot Chocolate with the Head!

As you all know we are constantly striving to improve Clockhouse for your children.

This year we are all working to 'Go Above and Beyond' to ensure our school is a fabulous place to be. Each week, the Heads of Year as well as Mrs Pacheco, Mr Bottrill and Mrs Savidge will chose a person (child or adult) who has been seen to 'Go Above and Beyond'.

This week the following Clockhouse Citizens have been seen to 'Go Above and Beyond'.

Reception - Amaya K-B for always trying her best and going above and beyond with her learning.
                  - Miss Burrell for being an extra supportive member of the team.
Year 1 - Kirsty G for being such a kind girl and showing great resilience with her learning.
Year 2 - Lewis C for having such a positive attitude to school and learning and making great progress.
Year 3 - Tyler D for trying so hard with his learning and showing great resilience.
Year 4 - Mihai L for trying extra hard to follow the 'three R's'.
Year 5 - Brook A for working so hard to already learn her lines for the production.
Year 6 - Daniel A for using his initiative and always being ready for learning.
Mrs Pacheco - Janice O for continuing to work independently and produce some very well presented work.
Mr Bottrill - Jack W for his continued resilience towards his learning.
Mrs Savidge - Roman L for always being a polite and caring boy.
Office - Mrs Pacheco for helping when it was needed.

Well done to all these children and all the other children who have gone Above and Beyond this week.

Course Opportunity

Course Opportunity for this very important subject.

Letter about Attendance

Please be aware of this important letter, regarding attendance. We do urge you to take the time to read it.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Borough Champions ease through to quarter finals!

Defending champions Clockhouse were back to business yesterday as they took two teams to Scotts Primary School. One game was a cup game, the other a friendly.

The cup game was up first and the champions meant business. In a flying opening three minutes Clockhouse were 7-0 ahead. Ruthless play in the attacking third meant that Clockhouse had the chance to experiment with positions. This will be good practice for next week's Hi 5 Competition. Sadly for Scotts the scoring did not stop there, as the free flowing Clockhouse game play was allowing Clockhouse shooting opportunities throughout the last three quarters.

Credit to Scotts who played with a smile on their faces throughout. Despite the score the game was played in great spirits! Clockhouse really were flawless in their performance. The attack throughout was brutal but credit must also go to the defence who limited the Scotts possession and turned the ball over frequently. Clockhouse advance to the quarter finals.

Mr Yarrow said 'It is really hard to write a report when a team dominate from start to finish playing some lovely netball. I mean where do you start? What do you include? This was a fantastic team performance from the reigning champions. If they can continue playing like this there will be no reason they can not beat everyone! Proud of the performance. Special mention to Scotts, I always enjoy travelling to them they are very welcoming and it is always a fun enjoyable game.'

FINAL SCORE: Scotts 1 - 19 Clockhouse

SQUAD: Beth C  (c), Charlie B, Kayleigh M, Bobby I, Rachel C, Sophie L, & Lily S-E

SCORERS: Lily S-E x 11, Sophie L x 4, Kayleigh M, Beth C x 2, & Bobby I


In our 2nd game of the evening Clockhouse fielded a completely different side and again played against Scotts.

Clockhouse took a little while finding their feet but as the game went on the squad grew in confidence. In defence Grace D, Layla S and Darci L did well to sniff out any attacks from a frantic Scottts front two. 

At the other end of the court Ruby N was linking up nicely with the shooters. Katie G giving Clockhouse the lead.

As the game entered the 2nd quarter Clockhouse continued to grow in confidence and began to open up the Scotts defence with some expansive play. Ben C scoring before Katie G got her 2nd to give Clockhouse a 3 - 0 lead at the half.

In the final two quarters Clockhouse pressed home their advantage, defensively limiting Scotts attacking play whilst moving into space to create shooting chances. Katie G added another three baskets to her impressive tally while Ruby N also got on the scoreboard.

Mr Yarrow said '2 games, 2 wins, a great afternoon of netball for Clockhouse. Lots of students playing well and enjoying themselves. What more could you ask for? I was really impressed with the people playing their first game for the school tonight.'

FINAL SCORE: Scotts 0 - 7 Clockhouse 

SQUAD: Darci L  (c), Grace D, Layla S, Ruby N, Ben C, & Katie G

SCORERS: Rachel C x 5, Ben C, & Ruby N


Citizen of the Week

Citizen of the Week!

Well done to the following children who are this weeks Clockhouse Citizen of the Week:

Reception - Dolly rose D
Year 1 - Archie N
Year 2 - Zak D
Year 3 - Graham T
Year 4 - Taylor H
Year 5 - Georgia R
Year 6 - Tahsin C

We have many fantastic citizens at Clockhouse and look forward to rewarding them!

Well done everyone!

Cove Value Award Winners

As you know, each half term the children choose a Core Value Award winner for their class. This is an award which was devised by the children to recognise those children who consistently demonstrate meeting Clockhouse's Core Value.

All the children below were chosen by their class this half term for continually demonstrating, motivation, aspiration, excellence, respect, commitment and consistency:

Wales – Jacob M
Scotland – Rosie S
Northern Ireland – Teddy P
France – William R
Italy – Ellas R
Spain – Kama S
USA – Rosie H
Canada – Courtney B
Mexico – Jamie W
Peru – Charlotte B
Argentina – Christina A
Brazil – Melanie A
Uganda – Hannah H
South Africa - Taylor H
Kenya – Rida S
China – Freya W
Japan – Max N
India – Finley R
Australia – Aurora F and Lily-Jo G
New Zealand – Alex D, Rameen S and Mitchell T
Fiji – Layla G

Well done everyone, a great achievement for great Clockhouse citizens!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018